How are you doing? :) 

You may call me Ann ...

Tallinn Elite Escort

I hope my looks captured your eyes, but I am certain my brains will catch your heart. 

I am an Interesting, well-educated, cultured, sweet girl who is accommodating and loves adventure, living life to the fullest, and making the most out of each minute! Why not do it in style?

We can be each other’s enigmas.

I am very excited to go on this journey and would love a gentleman who knows what he is about and is responsive to what a lady needs. 

I want to benefit you as much as you do me. 

Your time is valuable, and I can save you the trouble, because I know I can make you happy. I will be as generous to you as you are to me, and you will remember what it meant to have your heart skip a beat! 

I enjoy the finer thighs but not alone, so maybe we can take on life together one day at a time? Let’s go out for drinks and see if we complement each other. Or we can go out to dinner at night and in the morning share breakfast in bed!

I am like a present, with every piece of tape you peel off, your anticipation heightens. As long as you are good at what you do - then you will get the best. 

I am an intelligent girl who is looking for a partner in crime to go out, forget a little and enjoy our time together. 

If you are a man who can keep up, likes fine conversation, and even finer wine ... let’s make memories.

Until we meet ...


Ann Joy xoxo